Full Size Pontiac Club

Welcome to FULL SIZE PONTIACS.COM, the website for the Full Size Pontiac Club! Ownership is not required but a love of the Pontiac land yachts from 1958 through 1980 is -- including Grand Prixs. The association is designed to bring lovers of these Pontiacs together in a friendly forum to exchange info, parts, vehicles, reference material, links, etc. We're not a stuffy organization bound by rules, dues, meetings and obligations but rather a group of Pontiac fans bound by a common interest--FULL SIZE PONTIACS! Please look around, contribute and enjoy! Feel free at any time to forward pics of your Pontiacs, stories you'd like to share, links to other businesses or resources that would help out full size Pontiac owners keep their projects going. If you have any cars or parts to sell, email me the content and photos and I can now add them within 24 hours now that I've moved my hosting service to a service that is much easier to update. All ads are free. "Membership" isn't required to enjoy a single thing on the site. 

We do have Full Size Pontiac Club stickers available for sale if you'd like to fly the colors on your ride. They are $5 each including postage. Your $5 will get you a large logo (approx 5") and a small logo (approx 2.5"). This swag was designed by our good friend and fellow Poncho freak Terry Broadbent. He is immensely talented and a great guy to boot. Big thanks goes out to Terry and Get Bent Designs (OK, I made that part up!). 

I'm John Piotrowski, aka "PonchoPio", and I've been a little goofy about Pontiacs from the age of 16. I was stuck in traffic behind a silver 64 Grand Prix and was hooked. I didn't know what it was at the time but the image of that ribbed tail panel with the hidden tail lights was etched in my memory forever. The quest began to find out as much about that car as I could. Even though I was intrigued by that silver 64 GP, the sun rose and set on 1962 Impalas as far as I was concerned. My relationship with 62s went back to my birth when my parents brought me home from the hospital in our Ermine White Impala hardtop with red interior. By 13, I was a member of Late Great Chevys and had two 62 Impala hardtops--one red and one white. They were both project cars but they were mine! 

Throughout high school, I had the good fortune of being surrounded by buddies that had the same affliction I had. We messed around with 62 Impalas, 66 Fairlanes, a 66 Thunderbird, a 66 Caddy, humongous Olds 98s and another dozen beaters we tinkered with over the summer. One afternoon, my buddy Tom got a call from his older brother. It seems that one of his pals had an "old Grand Prix" that he wanted to get rid of. We wasted no time and went over to take a look. It was a Sierra Yellow 70 Grand Prix with a tan top and interior covered in lawn furniture, lumber, boxes and who knows what else. The window had been left down and we could see that the interior was basically gutted. The console was in the back seat along with the shifter. We did notice power windows and tilt wheel though. Interesting. 

Once the car was the car was dug out, we had a chance to open the 20 foot long hood to see a 455, 4bbl motor peeking out at us. The motor was "built up" about 5 years prior according to the owner but he couldn't give us much detail. We went back home to grab a battery and some gas in an attempt to fire this sucker up. We primed the carb, put some oil in the cylinders and turned the key. Instantly it exploded with the most beautiful sound we had ever heard. After checking the fluids and the brakes we eased it out of it's cocoon into the alley. It started with a gentle cruise around the block while we tinkered with the switches and knobs...hmmm, the power windows all work. Tilt is nice and tight. Gauges and lights are OK. Stops nice and straight. Great oil pressure. No smoke or knock. HIT IT!!! Tom mashed the pedal and vaporized the two bald white wall radials on the rear of that car for about 50 yards! SOLD! That GP eventually became mine about a year later and I've never looked back. 

Since that day I've owned dozens of 1964, 1969 and 1970 Grand Prixs, a 66 Grand Prix and three 1964 Safari wagons. I've had the opportunity to drive and enjoy the hell out of every one of them and consider myself truly blessed. I've met some wonderful people and lifelong friends because of these cars so I decided to build a site that will hopefully bring us all together and perhaps turn somebody else on to these amazing vehicles. 

Thanks for dropping by the site and taking a look around. Send me shots of your full size Pontiac and we'll get it added to the site. Jump in and have some fun! John "PonchoPio"