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As I was gathering some photos to update the 1970 Grand Prix Project story, I came across some old albums I hadn't looked at for a long time. I had a wonderful trip down memory lane this morning with my coffee and images of the hot rods I've owned and resurrected over the years. The 1964 Full Size Pontiacs have always been my favorite but I always felt that 1972 was a great year for GM. I love every 1972 full size model GM put out and have owned many. The next on my list is a 1972 Coupe DeVille. Now that I scratched the itch, I'm going to do some more digging to find additional photos of the Pio hot rods of the past. Enjoy the ones I stumbled across so far in the album below. 
Also note that I have updated the 1970 Grand Prix Project story today. Hope you enjoy the ramblings...
1992 Buick Roadmaster Estate 

This is my newest love. It's not a Pontiac of course, but I've been wanting a Roadmaster Estate "bubble" wagon for the longest time. My wife HATED the looks of these but now loves it almost as much as I do! My buddy Mike Nixon actually bought a twin to this about a year before I got mine. This is a '92 so it has the throttle body 350 as opposed to the later and more powerful LT1s, but she rides like a dream, has plenty of power, hauls enough baseball gear for two teams and the Flowmastrer exhaust makes it sound like an actual musclewagon. Another Riviera nut I know is restoring his '63 and had a decent set of Buick Sport rims I bought which look right at home on these "woodies".  My kids call it the "Swaggin' Wagon" or "Swagon" for short. This one will be around for a long time. 
11/13/2015 FRIDAY THE 13TH!
The ol' girl was nailed in a hit and run accident as she was parked on the street in front of my house. I have a new respect for Friday the 13th! Hit so hard, all 5,000 lbs were shoved 2 feet on to the lawn. Best part...the cops actually caught the chick that hit me. Bad news is, they "totalled" my Roady for $871. That's right...$871. I don't think so insurance lady! 
Roady Wagon PART II
In an unbelievable turn of events, the insurance company came up with a figure closer to the KBB value of the car. A random check of Craigslist pulled up a twin to my damaged Roady--but even better! The "new" Roady has lower miles, a nicer interior(mint), tinted windows and a Reese hitch. I couldn't be more thrilled as the insurance settlement covered the cost. The owner was a car and boat collector and the wagon was used to pull his vintage boats. He was a bit of a character so I'll fine-tune some of his quirks like pulling the taped on hood scoop and putting my Buick Road wheels back on. He did have a cute and clever idea to some degree...as his son told me "My dad was a bit of a character. He put Torq Thrusts on one side of the car and baby moons on the other. NOBODY CAN SEE BOTH SIDES OF THE CAR AT THE SAME TIME!"