Full Size Pontiac Club

Various photo albums of shows, conventions and gatherings including our yearly Full Size Pontiac Chi-Town Shindig. 

Brief history of the FSPC Chi-Town Shindig...

Sometime around 2003, a group of my buddies and I that are all Full Size Pontiac nuts, were commenting on how easy it was to get reference photos, info, parts, etc. for pretty much any A or F-body under the sun but we were left scrounging the “underground” for our Bonnevilles, Catalinas and Safaris. Well after some self-righteous pondering, I decided that we needed a place on the World Wide Web to congregate and spread the gospel. I wasn’t interested in launching anything too stuffy and “free” sounded like a great price point to be a member in my opinion. At long last, in late 2004 it began…the Full Size Pontiac Club was now launched into our virtual universe.


Well, a few months go by and some of the folks realize that we have quite a few “members” in the Chicago area. Whacha think about getting’ together sometime for a burger and a beer and some Pontiac cheer somebody said? Heck yes we all chimed in. AJ McKechnie found a BBQ joint in Naperville and about 15 of us braved some frigid, windy, nasty weather for one hullova fun afternoon. Our first Shindig was in the books.


At that first pow-wow, one of the nicest and unassuming fellas I had never met before that day says, “Ya know, I have a shop up north that we could use if you want to get together again.” That would be great Mike, thanks! Turns out that fella was Mike Ardito. Mike Ardito owns TriPower Automotive in Libertyville Illinois and to meet him you’d never know he’s restored Bloomington Gold Corvettes, LS6 Chevelles, Judges, Ferraris, Rolls Royces and everything else under the sun. To listen to Mike talk about his work you might think he ran a local “quick lube” instead of one of the most amazing shops in the industry -- bar-none. Mike has a problem though…he is addicted to 66 Full Size Pontiacs. Among his treasures are a 66 421 2+2, 66 Bonneville 421 hardtop and the much ballyhooed Hurst Campbell 66 Bonneville Safari wagon that caused such a stir on eBay several years back.

Since that day we gather every May to kick off the cruising season out at TriPower Automotive in Libertyville IL. Pull up a chair and enjoy some of the best Ponchos in the area...