Full Size Pontiac Club

TriPower Automotive...THEE driving force for Pontiacs in Chicagoland

Our good friends up in Libertyville IL eat, sleep and breathe everything Poncho-related and also play host to our yearly Full Size Pontiac Chi-Town Shindig. As I was doing some home-office cleaning and donating hundreds of old car mags to a friend's library, I continued to come across story after story about TriPower Automotive's creations. Feature upon feature of the cars they've restored and unreal custom creations of pure Pontiac art have made it to print. Those boys build cars not websites, so I thought I'd try to gather as many of the stories about their handiwork as I could find. In the weeks to come I will do my best to gather, scan and add features they've appeared in to the website. 
It will blow your mind...