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Pio's 1970 Grand Prix Project Page 2

Here are a few shots of the carnage. There's also a photo of what was once a bearing floating around on my computer too. Still searching for that one. As a bonus, one of the old BFG's literally fell apart as she was being rolled back into the shop. I'm calling that one good luck actually...it beats falling apart at 110 mph! 

After the frustration and anger began to wear off and after quite a bit of back-and-forth, the seller of the motor actually made good on the deal and I had it completely machined and rebuilt at his expense. Most of you might say "Well OF COURSE he should have paid for it"! Easier said than done my friends. The good news is, he did take care of it and back she went into the beast.

I didn't have a correct dual-snorkel air cleaner but I did have one short snout single and my buddy Moe had one as well. Frank Moore of FD Customs did a little mocking up and welding and BAM, cool and factory looking short snout dual snorkel air cleaner. Never in a million years did I ever think I'd would spot-putty and wet sand an air cleaner but it was so cool looking, I couldn't get lazy on the finish. It's painted now so I'll get some video of it mounted in satin black. Thank you Moe and Frank for making this baby happen!

Yeah, I know the blue plug wires have to go. They came with the motor and were brand new so I decided to roll with them for now. Went to add video of the monster running for you today but the battery is no bueno. It's 20 degrees out today so it's going to have to wait for a bit!
Fortunately, the interior is fantastic. I had a split seam and some welting replaced on the driver side by Don's Auto Upholstery but overall the interior is in great shape. The door panels and dash are perfect. The console has a few splits in the vinyl covering but I think I can address that. The interior is very faded by the sun so it's all being pulled out to be re-dyed. The carpet is really pretty nasty so I pulled that out to check out the floors which are awesome as well. She was a CA car until the mid-90s so that helped tremendously. The headliner has a few mouse holes and I'm debating on whether or not I should either replace it or just no longer look "up" while I'm sitting in the car. Yeah, I think I'll go with option #2!
Wanna see a nitrous'd piston and bearing?! How about a Radial T/A that simply unravelled while parked at the barn!