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Pio's 1970 Grand Prix Project Page 3

I haven't done a whole lotta updating about the ol' girl but I sure do spend some time giving her a listen once in awhile. Mechanically she's all buttoned up. It sounds, starts and stops great! The 3" exhaust with the custom slash and exit behind my rear wheels (by Frank Moore) sounds like a flippin' jet boat. Evil!
It's December 2014 now and I have the front end off to finish the fenders and start jambing on the paint. Steve Kisich took a break from restoring his gorgeous Riviera to cut out the only rust on the fenders and weld in some fresh steel. I need to set some time aside to get some filler spread and smooth those babies out.
Other than needing to order new carpet and completely reinstall the interior, the cabin is pretty much done. The drivetrain is wicked but I'm going to need to get the proper stall convertor in the TH400. I just went with a new, stock GM convertor for the moment to get her driveable again but the proper stall will really wake the beast up! The body is really straight and in primer but just waiting for the fenders to be done, hung and reassembled. She's close folks...give her a listen below and enjoy 462 cubes of Pontiac bliss.
I have been crankin' on the ol' girl pretty hard for a few weeks now. Somehow I have to have this painted by Norwalk 2015. It'll be tight but all I can do is try, right?! I've been sanding and blocking and blocking and sanding. I was able to get the jambs painted and re-hung the fenders to test fit. All the cancer was cut out of the lower fenders and fresh metal was welded in including any bracing affected. I came across lower fender sections on eBay 10 years ago that were 100% rust free and included the bracing. I didn't need them at the time but bought them "just in case". Glad I did. The body is crazy straight already, thank God. Now it's just finding time between coaching 50 baseball games this summer.
It's been a battle. This one has fought me all the way. It won many of the battles but I won the war! Yellow and brown 70 Model J is now a triple black monster with a 462! So many thanks go to FD CUstoms in Lowell IN for the amazing paint and tons of assistance with the interior and motor swap. As it was getting closer to completion I was approached by a gentleman in NY that was interested in having it finished to his specs. My oldest is going off to college and my money tree didn't bloom this year so we struck a deal. This was one of the nicest that I have owned. There will be more GPs down the road for sure. I can't help myself. Here are some links to a photo album of the build and a link to the FaceBook page that chronicled the build as well.